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<p>Adoramos a estadia, aten&ccedil;&atilde;o e carinho. Excelente atendimento!</p>

<p>Bom para adultos e crian&ccedil;as. At&eacute; breve, Obrigado.</p>

– Cássio Reis, Fernanda Vasconcelos e Noah

To start off, we must mention the Feijoada (a black bean casserole). Served on Saturdays from the coal-burning stove, Parador’s feijoada has pulled off the feat of including all the traditional ingredients while still keeping the dish light. The chef removes the excess fat from the meats (by boiling them three times) and serving them separately from the beans, although ingredients are cooked together to provide flavor. A tip from the chef: the beans must include a small shot of cachaça. Side dishes include garlic farofa, onions, plantation, manioc, kelp, sliced oranges and extra dry crackling, all according to the Brazilian tradition with a country flavor.

The hotel’s second specialty is the oxtail risotto, prepared with shredded oxtail meat (no fat) and watercress. The third dish is named “Da roça” (From the countryside). Shredded jerked beef cooked with onions in special butter with those absolutely fundamental side dishes: white rice, farofa, cassava and banana (both fried). Instead of jerked beef, guests can opt for filet mignon, San Pietro fish, chicken or pork loin. For children we created the “Roceirinho”.

The hotel specialties also include homemade compote sweets and the divine fudge personally prepared by hotel owner Marcelo Fontes. With remarkable texture, it is served in a beautiful glass vessel and perfectly matches the local cheeses. Amongst the desserts we also offer the pumpkin and coconut cream, lemon and fig compote, and many others, depending on the season. For breakfast, there are fruit jams (mango, strawberry, grape, guava and jabuticaba) and Minas cheese, all house-made and to be enjoyed with breads, cheese balls (hot from the oven) and cakes (corn meal, orange, manioc and corn) featuring Parador’s typical home made taste.